Radical innovation

PureTech has a thematic, problem-driven approach to starting companies, proposing non-obvious solutions rooted in academic research and developing them together with a brilliant group of cross-disciplinary experts. PureTech concentrates on a few major initiative areas at a time, generates and reviews ~800 technologies per year, and drives forward a handful of the most interesting programs through piloting and proof of concept.

A new era in health; a new kind of healthcare company.


We start by focusing on the problem, a major need that will transform healthcare if solved


We deconstruct the problem together with the leading domain experts together with brilliant thinkers from other fields


We network and partner with some of the World’s leading companies to fund and build programs that will change their innovation pipeline


We develop creative products and programs that tackle the problem in an entirely new way, unencumbered by the bounds of traditional drug development.

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